5 Tips to Stop Hair Loss

Men and women alike suffer from hair loss and both genders find it equally troublesome. Hair loss is embarrassing to many people, but that’s only the start of the concerns that it brings. Yet, as we age, thinning hair and hair loss are common. If you want to stop hair loss, the tips below are a few to use to help.

1- Don’t Pull on the Hairline

low level light therapy for hair loss

Things such as pulling back the hair into a ponytail and wearing baseball caps cause the hairline to pull back, eventually leading to hair loss. This is easy to avoid by not wearing caps and allowing the hair plenty of time out of a ponytail.

2- OTC Treatments

For anyone already experiencing hair loss, a number of OTC treatments may help thicken the hair or prevent future strands from falling out of your head. Take a look at the drugstore to find the best OTC treatments for hair loss based on your needs.

3- Visit the Doctor

Many hair loss treatment options are offered from the doctor these days. One of those is low level light therapy for hair loss. This is a pain-free, simple procedure that offers great results when all is said and done.

4- Essential Oils

Essential oils for hair loss may help regrow hair and provide you with thicker, fuller stands in no time. The most recommended essential oils for hair loss includes lavender, peppermint, and rosemary.

5- What Do You Eat?

If you’re unhappy with your hair, take a look at your diet and the foods that you eat. If your body lacks vital vitamins and nutrients, your hair also suffers. It’s time to revamp the menu and you will notice a change in your hair thinning, texture, and sheen.