Why The Tooth Must Come Out

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At a very young age, it is normal for a small child’s teeth to come out, one by one over a period of time. But the pain and loss is quickly overcome by two new arrivals. On the one hand, the shy mouse drops a penny in the child’s slipper for the broken tooth, thank you very much. And later on, the tooth fairy will have waved her magic wand to stimulate the growth of the child’s new and big teeth. But later on in life, a tooth or two may have to come out.

This could happen for any number of reasons, but one of the main reasons is that a tooth has become infected with decay. If left to rot it will eventually become quite loose and it would be quite easy to pull it out, give or take a little jab and some bleeding. But this is not ideal, and the tooth extraction wheaton il procedure must be set in motion. It is better that the tooth comes out now. Because while the infected tooth is allowed to stay in place, it could affect other areas of the oral cavity.

And who knows, by that time, tooth decay and infection could be a whole lot worse. But go back a bit. All this could possibly have been avoided. If the young child, right through his adult years had taken the well-worn advice to go visit the dentist regularly, early signs of possible infection could have been detected and the dentist could proceed with a minor surgical procedure which becomes nothing more than a mopping up operation.

A regular dental inspection is a good form of preventive medicine, preventing diseases and injuries from happening long before they need to.