What is Forensic Evidence Anyway?

It’s easily the most common type of evidence that the general public hears about, and because of advances in forensic and DNA evidence, new cases are being reopened every single day. But what are the people in charge of forensics looking for? What constitutes forensic evidence?

Well forensic evidence is anything that will help solve the crime. When forensics arrives on the scene, they are looking for things that will tell them who was at the crime scene, what happened at the crime scene, and how those two answers can help them get justice.

The evidence needed for solving the who includes things like shoe impressions, body fluids and blood, fingerprints, gunshot residue, and the presence of hairs or clothing fibers on objects. These items can all be analyzed to figure out who they belonged too and paint a complete picture of the scene.

Evidence that tells about the how of the crime includes solid evidence; things like the presence of fire accelerants like gasoline, broken doors and windows, weapons, bullet holes and cartridges, drugs, computers, and documents. All this evidence shows a picture of what went down and why.

By looking at all this evidence in detail, police officers can use a forensic dna testing houston tx service to match the evidence to a specific person or persons to prove they were involved with the crime. Then they can figure out what the crime was about and how it happened based on what was found at the scene.

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As the technology for DNA analysis and forensic evidence continues to increase, the forces of law and order are able to accurately put bad guys away and bring justice to those who were victimized by the crimes. Even years after the case, sometimes a forensic test is just what is needed to provide an answer.